First Post: Steak and Butternut Squash

How to start my first post is something that has created a great amount of thought on my behalf. However, there is no sense in procrastinating  so  let’s begin. Tonight Jim and I grilled some steak and make this cheesy, bacon, butternut squash recipe Since grilled steak is simple, we will ignore most of that process. However, the butternut squash recipe was new and a VERY good.

With this blog, I intend on documenting most steps of our cooking process. However, this being my first time and the fact that I completely forgot to take pictures along the way this post is more limited than future ones (hopefully).

As you will notice, I am on a bit of a squash kick. Since moving to the Chicago area, I have become obsessed with farmers markets. Growing up, my Mother and Grandmother grew many of their own vegetables, but living in Arizona I did not have access to these wonderful gems.

Tonight’s recipe started with a butternut squash I purchased from the local farmers market. Since this squash was much larger than the typical butternut squash, I doubled most of the recipe and used a 9x13inch pan instead of an 8×8. I used only one regular sized Vidalia onion, added garlic, and of course more bacon. I attempt to be a little more healthy, but who can deny bacon J. As for the garlic, I used the garlic grater Jim and I purchased a few months ago from the Scottsdale culinary festival. I have displayed the tool below and it is extremely useful. I suggest if you ever see one you should buy it instantly. The blue thing is useful for removing garlic peels and the brush helps remove the garlic from the grater.


In large part, the recipe went according to plan, except for the onion cheese sauce. Since the onions are sautéed in bacon grease the sauce ended up being a very unique brown looking thing. However, with one small taste we ignored the looks altogether. In addition, the butternut squash tenderized in the boiling water much more quickly than anticipated. Even with a few surprises the recipe turned out amazingly. I do suggest that you try it.

Even though I did not take many pictures here are the few I did take:

  • Prior to entering the oven:


  • Leaving the oven:


  • On the plate:



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