Chorizo and Egg Tacos



Sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. I guess starting a new job and a blog at the same time is hard to maintain. However,this cooking experience is one of the main reasons I started this blog because it was Jim and I being creative with what we had.Jim and I are kind of obsessed with breakfast foods,but we rarely like to eat much in the morning so we end up eating breakfast for dinner more than most. Each of you should try it sometime. Traditional breakfast foods can be great and quick. This food adventure all began with a tube of chorizo that we randomly decided to buy at the grocery store. Image

Chorizo can be intimidating if you do not have much experience with it, but it is amazing. Chorizo is commonly used in Mexican cooking and is something I learning more about. One thing to keep in mind when cooking with chorizo is the greasiness. If you would like to limit the grease you can par-cook the chorizo and drain off some of the grease. 







So we start most of our recipes with sauteed onions. Jim prefers red onion, but I am working on getting him to branch out after reading an article on the flavor advantages of using the correct onions. If you would like to learn more about onions and which ones to use this website: is very useful.



So this picture may not be necessary, but since this is the first time I am writing about a meal that did not involve a recipe. I have always loved potatoes, but I hadn’t cooked with them much until I met Jim. I am not sure if it is his Irish heritage or he just loves potatoes, but I think we have potatoes involved with at least three meals throughout the week.What I like most about potatoes is versatility and ease. If you are looking for a new quick side dish try this:



We put the raw potato in the pan with the sauteed onion,  salt, and pepper with two tablespoons of oil and crisped them. You can cook the potatoes to your liking.





This is what ours looked like. We wanted them to be a little brown and soft enough to put a fork in. 






Then we added the chorizo. I always think chorizo looks a little funny and at this stage the grease kind of creeps me out, but I know that once we mix the eggs in it will be perfect. 




The eggs completely soak up all that flavor. It is kind of like cooking eggs in the same pan as your bacon grease, which if you have not tried I highly recommend. However, if there is a ton of grease remember to drain some off our your eggs will have a weird consistency. 




Then we added bell pepper. Jim did this later because he wanted the bell pepper to maintain its own flavor and not be overwhelmed by the chorizo, 




Of course we added cheese. 🙂 I am pretty sure that we add cheese to 90% of our food. This time we used grated queso quesadilla, which we had left over from a prior meal.   




We covered it to melt the cheese and we were done. We decided to serve them taco style on soft tortillas. This meal was great and the flavors blended perfectly. 


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